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Privacy policy


Telnet Ltd. is a telecommunications operator with registered address in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, 17 Bulgaria Blvd., UIN 104639509, and its main scope of business is construction, maintenance and development of telecommunication networks for data transmission in accordance with licence No 217-05881/19.12.2005 with national scope, and is a registered personal data controller with identification No 209200/16.05.2011.

1. As a data controller, Telnet Ltd. collects and processes the following personal data - full name, personal number/ID card number, registered address, phone number, email address, IP address.

2. Personal data are collected, processed and stored for the following purposes:

- to identify the respective person as a party to the contract for provision of subscription telecommunication services.

- to maintain a database for identification in order to fulfil the obligations of Telnet Ltd. as a provider of subscription services under the contracts concluded between the parties.

- to identify persons in order to contact them regarding subsequent technical support and fulfilment of obligations under the contract concluded between the parties.

- compliance with laws and regulatory requirements for provision of data to competent state bodies and organizations

- fulfilment of contractual obligations of the data subjects when there is legitimate interest for provision of data to third parties.

3. Personal data are disclosed to third parties as follows:

- to public authorities in all cases provided by the law (National Revenue Agency, Ministry of the Interior and other authorities)

- to legal entities (data controllers), which process personal data for the following purposes: information and other purposes for collection of overdue fees, assigned by Telnet Ltd. by contract between the parties and based on legitimate interest.

4. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties in other countries.

5. Personal data, as a mandatory attribute of the contracts concluded between the parties, are processes within the minimum statutory term.

6. Telnet Ltd., as a data controller, applies all necessary procedures and takes all necessary measures to ensure maximum protection of personal data subject to the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation 2016/679/EU.

  • Rights and obligations of the client as a subject of collection and processing of personal data.
  • Right to be informed (regarding the personal data processed by the controller);
  • Right to access his/her personal data;
  • Right to rectification of personal data;
  • Right to refuse collection and processing, right to restriction of processing by the data controller or processor, right to erasure ("right to be forgotten") and right to object to processing of personal data concerning him or her after expiration of the minimum statutory period for their storage, or of such data that exceed the legitimate interest of the controller;
  • Right to data portability between one controller and another;
  • Right to report breaches and to lodge a complaints about infringement of the obligation for personal data protection.
  • Right to judicial or administrative remedy in cases where the rights of the data subject have been violated.

All issues that are not provided for in this Privacy Policy shall be regulated by the End-User General Terms and Conditions of Telnet Ltd., Regulation No 679/2016/EU and the Personal Data Protection Act.

This Privacy Policy may from time to time be reviewed, modified and adapted to any amendments to the Bulgarian and European legislation. Any amendments to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page.

Data protection officer:
Dimitar Hristov Dimitrov
tel.: +359 888403752
e-mail: dhdimitrov@mail.bg

Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.