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TV settings

Settings of TV sets with built-in DVB-C digital tuner

There are two methods to receive the digital TV signal provided by Telnet:
- through external digital receiver STB (set-top-box) for TV sets with no digital tuner
- through direct connection for TV sets with built-in standard DVB-C digital tuner.

External digital receivers STB (set-top-box) make their settings and update the channels automatically without any intervention by the user.

To set up a TV set with built-in DVB-C digital tuner to receive the channels of Telnet, follow these steps:

1.  Reset the TV to its default factory settings.
2.  When choosing a country, select Bulgaria or Eastern Europe.
3.  In the next step, select Cable and not Antenna.
4.  For scanning the channels, select Full Search. If this doesn't work, then select Quick Search; in the Frequency field enter Start Frequency: 442 MHz or 442,000 kHz, and End Frequency: 735 Mhz or 735,000 kHz; for Symbol Rate enter S/R 6875; for QAM modulation enter 128; and then start the search.
5. The main NIT frequency is already 450 Mhz (instead of the previous setting of 615 Mhz).

Here are the frequencies (parameters) of the Telnet digital TV:
442.000 MHz
450.000 MHz
458.000 MHz
466.000 MHz
583.000 MHz
591.000 MHz
599.000 MHz
607.000 MHz
615.000 MHz
623.000 MHz
631.000 MHz
639.000 MHz
647.000 MHz
655.000 MHz
663.000 MHz
671.000 MHz
711.000 MHz
719.000 MHz
727.000 MHz
735.000 MHz

Symbol Rate: S/R 6875

Modulation: QAM - 128

Since the settings for each TV set vary according to the model/make, Telnet recommends you to refer to the User Manual or get a specialist to make these settings.

In order to receive TV programs in HD format, the TV set with built-in DVB-C tuner must support the MPEG 4 format.


The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) service provided by Telnet is activated automatically for all digital receivers and TV sets. In some cases it is necessary to further enable the "Automatic" date and time setting of your TV, as well as to choose the following time zone: +2 (Sofia, Istanbul, Athens).

If you need assistance, you can call the 24-hour Customer Service Centre of Telnet LTD.

Enjoy watching!
The Telnet Team