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Payment via ePay

To be able to pay your monthly subscription fee via the epay.bg online payment system, you need:

1. Sign in to your account at http://my.telnet.bg by entering the authentication username and password.

2. Select the Due Bills Menu. A list of the services will be displayed along with the due amounts, if such there are such. Select the bills you want to pay (1), make sure the amount is correct (2) and click PAY SELECTED BILLS (3)

3. A window will be opened, displaying information about the bills that will be paid. Click CONTINUE.

4. On this page you can enter your ePay authentication details and the click PAY (the payment will not be transferred yet).

5. The next page displays the payment methods, which can be used to pay the fee. Select your desired payment methid and click REVIEW.

6. Carefully review whether all data is correct, enter your ePay password and click CONFIRM.

7. If the payment is successful, this page will display information about the transaction and the following text: "The payment was made successfully." If an error message is displayed, please write down the exact text of the message and then contact us, so we can detect and correct the error.

8. After confirming the payment, click RETURN TO MERCHANT WEBSITE The list of your services will be displayed again, along with information indicating whether the payment has been registered in our system.