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Extra pay-TV package

Diema Extra

Diema sport
Diema sport 2
Trace sport stars
Unlimited-term contract
Premium package

Specially selected
TV channels with high
quality content
Unlimited-term contract

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Description of services
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Diema Extra includes three thematic sports channels - Diema Sport, Diema sport 2 и Trace Sport Stars

  • Diema Sport provides coverage of premium sports events in the Bulgarian A Football Group, the most challenging Premier League and UK football derbies, and a great variety of other football and sports events.
  • Diema Sport 2 covers more quality football and some of the most exciting and popular sports competitions. In addition to the best of the Group A Bulgarian Championship, the most challenging Premier League and UK football derbies, Diema Extra offers more quality football, including repeats of some Premier League afternoon matches - Saturday, live at 17:00 h local time.
  • The latest and hottest lifestyle news about world-famous athletes is a trademark of the sports entertainment channel Trace Sport Stars. It is the first channel of this kind in Bulgaria, dedicated to sports celebrities - lifestyle, gossip, rankings, love affairs, marriages, divorces, hobbies and any other exciting information about sport stars.d thematic TV channels with high quality content for you and your family.

Premium TV package including specially selected thematic TV channels with high quality content for you and your family.:

  • Da Vinci Learning
  • FOX HD
  • Fox Life HD 
  • Fox Crime HD
  • Nat Geo HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • 24 Kitchen HD
  • Eurosport 1 HD 
  • Eurosport 2 HD 
  • Extreme Sports Channel
  • XYPlus
  • DorcelTV

The service contains extra pay-TV channels and is provided solely as an additional service to an existing Basic Package Cable TV Contract. The service is activated by paying a single fixed monthly fee and is not dependent on the number of days it is used. The service is active as of the date the activation fee is paid until the end of the current calendar month, provided that there is a valid contract.




24-hour Customer Service Centre – 0888149259, 062 603071, 062 628757, 0618 20045
The service operators provide consultations and initial diagnostics of the issue, as well as troubleshooting device configurations via the PROVIDER network or equipment in the CLIENT'S premises via remote access. In cases where it not possible to troubleshoot a problem remotely, operators create trouble tickets for on-site inspection and diagnostics by a technical team.
The 24-hour Customer Service Centre works with clients 24/7.

Important! Troubleshooting problems related to physical interruption of established connectivity and emergency situations requiring replacement of equipment in the operator's network or equipment in the client's premises is provided in the time interval from 09:00 to 18:00 h on working days and from 10:00 to 17:00 h on weekends. Repair works are not carried out in adverse weather or in other conditions that present risk to the health of technical teams.

Pursuant to the End-User General Terms and Conditions, Section V, item 13.11, the PROVIDER shall rectify NETWORK faults in normal working conditions within a term of 48 (forty-eight) hours. The term for correction of the fault starts from the moment the CLIENT notifies the PROVIDER of the fault in writing, via a telephone call and/or at the office, or from the moment the PROVIDER finds the fault through his authorised persons.

Specific conditions and rights
The service is provided only to natural persons. Telnet Ltd. provides only technical connectivity for receiving television channels and the subscription fee does not include public retransmission rights. They shall be settled individually with the respective audiovisual media service providers pursuant to the Bulgarian Copyright and Related Rights Act and the Radio and Television Act.

Service coverage
Assessment of the technical possibilities for connection at a specific address may be requested on the telephone lines of the 24-hour Customer Service Centre.

Service installation procedure


You are submitting a request for inclusion through the site


You are contacted by operator for confirmation and additional information


Up to 7 business days (typically 3 business days) Telnet team installs the service

Contract and payment

You must visit Telnet Ltd. office within 3 days of activation of the service for signing a contract and paying a monthly subscription fee


Enjoy quality service and a reliable 24/7 support.