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Network services

Detailed information

Description of services
 TARIFF At the service centre  At the client's premises
One-off ON-SITE* fee
- 10 BGN
Diagnostics/Setup of 1 router purchased from Telnet/Magi/Go-link Free 10.00 BGN
Diagnostics/Setup of 1 router not purchased from Telnet/Magi/Go-link

10.00 BGN

10.00 BGN
Diagnostics/Setup of 1 medium-/high-end router Negotiable Negotiable
Diagnostics/Setup of non-network card or PPPOE on 1 PC/laptop 5.00 BGN 5.00 BGN
Diagnostics and setup of channels after initial TV set installation - 5.00 BGN
Mounting/replacing of a RJ/RF connector 0.50 BGN/piece 0.50 BGN/piece
Connection of an additional TV set (cable) - 0.50 BGN/m
Other additional computer/laptop/antenna settings/installations and configuration of client-owned networks -

20 BGN/h (for each started hour)

Internal structural cabling, installation of cable channels, rosettes, etc.   Negotiable
Cost of accessories pertaining to devices provided to customers under specific conditions of a fixed-term contract.
*to be paid, if lost or destroyed
- router power adapter - 6 BGN
- remote control - 10 BGN
- HDMI cable - 3 BGN
- jack cable - 3 BGN
- damaged body - 10 BGN


* Telnet Ltd. does not perform computer re-installation, virus cleaning, camera setup and other services that require specialized service facilities.

* Telnet Ltd reserves the right to refuse setup of defective and faulty WiFi routers, as well as to discontinue the service in case of faulty client device, pursuant to item 18.2, Section IV of the End-User General Terms and Conditions.

* The one-off fee for ON-SITE visit of client's premises, where the access point is at more than 10 km from the nearest service centre of the PROVIDER, is negotiated individually, and the minimum fee is 20 BGN, incl. VAT.

All prices are VAT inclusive.