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3-day extension

Forgot to pay?
Use a 3-day service extension!

Customers can use a 3-day extension, if the Internet service has been suspended due to unpaid monthly subscription fee.
The extension may be activated via the Customer profile.
By activating the "3-day extension" option the client agrees and undertakes to pay the due monthly subscription fee within 3 days.
* The exceptional activation of the service may be used once a month for a period of 3 calendar days, including the day on which the activation request is submitted.

Activating an email notification for forthcoming suspension of service because of unpaid fees.
When this option is enabled, the system will automatically send an email notification with a list of all unpaid services for the current month and the dates when these services will be suspended.
The email will be sent three days before the date of suspension of the service(s).
You may file a request for enabling this option by calling the 24-hour Customer Service Centre or by visiting the cash office.